• We use Kiddom to post and submit assignments, which we call "Objectives"

  • 2-3 Objectives will be posted each week in the "Timeline"

  • Objectives will be graded and updated on Skyward each weekend

  • Submitting videos to Kiddom works best on a desktop/laptop using Google Chrome

  • Resources that we use regularly in class are posted in the "Classroom"

  • For more help with Kiddom, see this document or contact us


  • We live-stream each class via Zoom

  • Participation in class is expected of each student

  • The link to each class is posted every week on Kiddom


  • Each student should create an account for SmartMusic

  • The code to join the correct class is posted in "Objective 1" on Kiddom

  • Most music that we play in class will be available on SmartMusic. This is the best way for us to share music

  • SmartMusic has the capability to listen and assess anything you play for it. At this time we are not grading assignments on SmartMusic, but many of the tools are useful for Objectives

  • For more help with SmartMusic, see this site or contact us